During the summer of 2005 Josh Ferguson founded Mile High Automation from the extra bedroom in his (and his fiancé Jamie’s) apartment back in Denver. What drove him to take the plunge? In his own words, he had come across two trends which he believed were going to greatly impact the industry...
Looking forward to getting something you ACTUALLY want? Help your friends and family out in the process by letting them know it's money well-spent with your very own wishlist on WishBooklet - the place to crowdfund what you're after!
If your business is still using spreadsheets, whiteboards or text documents to keep track of managing and hiring personnel, it could be losing money even though these tools are free. Technology such as Netsuite's resource management software could save some companies millions of dollars per year.
With the fast changing world of business and marketing, only those who are tough and well founded can survive the challenges in the market. Traditional selling is now being challenged by the growing world of e-commerce in Malaysia.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could use a social approach in getting to know all the facts? That is exactly what the good folks at FuseGap believe, and it’s why they are making an effort to embark upon the 1 million facts challenge, with the help of as many of their friends as possible, of course.
Whether a first-time entrepreneur and/or successful business owner, tech tools streamline your business, reduce paperwork and cut costs while improving customer service. A lack of resources, including time and money, can doom even the most intrepid entrepreneur.
The internet has become a great place to meet new people and even find the person of your dreams. One of the biggest issues with online dating, however, is the back and forth that has to go on before a date is ever decided on - OnlyADate has found the solution though!
Imagine what the internet would look like if writers and publishers decided that it wasn’t worth their while to deliver quality content. There would still be plenty to see and do, but most of it would be of little value to the reader. Well take a look at CentUp's creation!
Giving and being charitable is good for the soul, but knowing how to track down your favorite charity so that you can donate is often a problem. One4All has come up with an ingenious way for you to donate to your favorite charities and share them with friends!
There are always a few gambles taken when you go on vacation, with the biggest risk usually being the hotel you choose to stay at. Yes, there are hundreds of hotel sites out there that claim to have the best deals available, but they don't quite match-up to TheSuitest.
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